In which I made a teacup for my parents and those like them who are brave

My parents fell in love and got married in their late thirties. Yesterday, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Some loves do last a lifetime. Even the most unlikely ones. Even the ones that come late. Love is always worth the wait. Never trade it for anything. Not even for all the tea in China.


when I was 8, I stole a teacup
from my grandmother’s kitchen.
when she died, I dreamed of her for a month,
sipping piping hot tea from her cupped hands.
my palms were always sweaty when I woke up.
the first time you took my hand,
you held it behind your back,
like a stolen teacup. I froze,
as though trying not to spill
this delicate yet intoxicating
brew that holding hands
with you is steeping
me in.




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